LUMA project and revisited AV performance Black variations 2017 live at Fotonica Festival on 2nd Dicember 2017 at MACRO Rome.

27th May 2017 Mirror Neurons at Museolaboratorio, Citta Sant Angelo
After AxS Festival Pasadena, US in 2014 and roBOt Festival Bologna 2015, France Jobin, Fabio Perletta and XXXY visuals team up once again

Live AV performance ZENITH at 90dB Festival_ Ex Cartiera Rome 2015.


latest Luma AV performance at Festival Mirage in Lion, France 2014.


Störung Festival 18 April 2013 Collaboration w sound artist ASFÉRICO. More information.



New digital release by farmacia 901 that includes a brand new sound work by Giuseppe Pradella. Read and listen more on farmacia 901: Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? [Q03]


LUMA DVD edition in handmade black carton box made by the artist; cardboard 6 panels brochure + 3 hi res prints 10x15cm.



MATTER STATES is short AV work commissioned and produced by Störung, in DVD + Book also contain 11 exclusive AV works made by more than 20 artists from different parts of the world. The book includes synopses written by the artists, their biographies and selected photographs taken during the past six years of Störung.

BUY DVD+BOOK str009’Störung: Sound & Visual Art


LUMA AV project that eschew typically fast moving graphics or explicit sound reactivity. an extremely slow transforming abstraction that alludes to landscape topologies and psycophysiographical terrains.

Review by Paul Prudence on Dataisnature

The project seems to carry an astonishingly calm clarity, the slowly forming trails of light and dark blurring over its canvas, flowing over and spilling into eachother in a frozen, momentary stasis, and in the process creating an experimental, uneasy fascination full of beauty.

Review by James Catchpole for Fluid Radio

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