[...] "It takes a special kind of talent to coalesce both mediums of sound and vision into one, fluid work of art".
James Catchpole for Fluid Radio

[...] "Sound forms an important expressive aspect to XXXY's live cinematic performances, augmenting the alluvial transfigurations, with passages of slowly shifting noise envelopes and drones".
Review by Paul Prudence on Dataisnature


XX+XY visuals and sound art project are Rome, Italy based multimedia duo of Sladzana Bogeska and Giuseppe Pradella. Collaborate and perform together since 2006. Together they research reversible processes of digital media through synaesthetic audio video experience, cinematic performance and related forms of media arts.
In 2012 they released their first audio-video work on DVD: "Luma", an extremely slow transforming abstraction that alludes to landscape topologies andpsycophysiographical terrains.
In the same year, they are involved with the audiovisual piece "Matter States" in "Störung: Sound & Visual Art " DVD released by the spanish label Störung. In 2013 present their latest audio visual work "Zenith".
In 2014 their latest collaboration on sound visualization, with the sound artist France Jobin and Fabio Perletta, "Mirror Neurons", made its world debut at Synergetica Screning at A × S / ak-sis festival in Pasadena, California.


Störung Barcelona, Mirage Festival Lyon, 90dB Rome, Digital Life Rome, Flussi Festival Avellino, Dessonanz Skopje, Visionsonic Paris, Visions from the Future Turin, Electroacustic Festival Conservatory of S. Cecilia Rome, Bestiario Rome, REC Tarragona, MUV Firenze, Dokfest Kassel, MIT Auditorium PM Rome, Interpenetration Festival Graz, Capalbio Cinema Festival and many others.

Collaborations on sound visualization include sound artist artist as Murcof. Through 2008-2007, xx+xy visuals, developed the visual concepts for the album Cosmos [Leaf label].
Performed live at: Mutek Montreal, Dissonanze Rome, Seconde Nature Avignone, Play Festival Madrid, Shift Basel, Catodica Trieste, Evolution Leeds, Storung Barcelona, Territorios Festival Seville, Urban Explorers Dordrecth and many others.



Synergetica Screning at A × S / ak-sis festival in Pasadena, California
This is Rome, Ex Gil Rome
LiveIxem Favignana Island, Italy
Störung Festival at Farinera del Clot Barcelona, Spain
1min video suite at Museo d'arte contemporanea L.Pecci Prato, Italy
Bestiario Festival at Opificio Telecom in Rome, Italy
MicroReel Rome, Italy
SoundLAB VI [exhibited at FILE '09 Sao Paulo, Brasil]
Connext Project Tampa Florida
Homework Festival Museo della Musica Bologna, Italy
Cinetrip Merlin Theatre Budapest, Hungary



LUMA limited DVD edition 2012.

Q3 digital release Quark: How Does The Invisible Sound? [ Q03 ].

DVD+Book str009 ’Störung: Sound & Visual Art collecting unpublished audiovisual works by artists associated with the platform.

MUV DVD vol.5 collecting audiovisuals works from participating artist.

DVD collecting commissioned audiovisuals works [1min suite].