LUMA dvd 2012 - Limited edition in special carton box.

Audio visual project developed and produced by Sladzana Bogeska and Giuseppe Pradella.
Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k mastering.


Handmade black carton box, made by the artist
cardboard brochure 6 panels
thermal printed dvd
3 hi-res Luma prints 10x15cm
Digital download high quality video file .mov H264 PCM48khz 16bit


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lumadvd lumadvd lumadvd



Live cinematic performances that eschew typically fast moving graphics or explicit sound reactivity. Luma is an extremely slow transforming abstraction that alludes to landscape topologies and psycophysiographical terrains. The shifting movements of the contoured surfaces, in Luma, takes place at a very slow pace rendering the transformations almost imperceptible, creating a kind of chimerical and paradoxical effect. Sound forms an important expressive aspect to their live cinematic performances, augmenting the alluvial transfigurations, with passages of slowly shifting noise envelopes and drones.

LUMA review on Dataisnature by Paul Prudence


Luma requires a deep patience for it to be most effective, and the twenty three minute length may reflect this awareness; Luma demands your attention, and the deeper the levels of concentration, the deeper the reward and appreciation. It breathes as if conscious of its surroundings.

The project seems to carry an astonishingly calm clarity, the slowly forming trails of light and dark blurring over its canvas, flowing over and spilling into eachother in a frozen, momentary stasis, and in the process creating an experimental, uneasy fascination full of beauty. Itís also quite a heavy, uplifting experience. The more you stare deeply into the slowly moving canvas, the more it seems to stare right back at you in an uneasy outpouring. Lines blur, but it is our senses which are also blurred.

Review on Luma by James Catchpole for Fluid Radio


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