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AV piece that focus on the concept of matter as raw material. Raw material that assume shapes, phases or forms through the video.
There is no independent general definition of matter, apart from its fitting into the methodology of measurement and controlled experimentation.

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Cinematic audio visual project that eschew typically fast moving graphics or explicit sound reactivity. Luma is an extremely slow transforming abstraction that alludes to landscape topologies and psycophysiographical terrains.

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mirror neurons

Latest Visual concept produced for the sound artist France Jobin and Fabio Perletta. Year of production 2014.

Watch Mirror Neurons from xx+xy visuals and sound art on Vimeo.

Latest mutimedia collaboration with the sound artist France Jobin and Fabio Perletta will make its debut at the 2014 AxS Festival. A × S / ak-sis / Festival 2014 | CURIOSITY PASADENA, CITY OF ART + SCIENCE | September 19 – October 5, 2014. Read more.

Initiated by sound artists France Jobin and Fabio Perletta, Mirror Neurons is a media-project investigating the notion of empathy and physical distance. The entire album is the result of extended sound files exchange between Montréal (Canada) and Roseto degli Abruzzi (Italy). Each of the pieces is based on rough sounds and their consequent re-working, listening and reaction, processing and imitation. Like much of Jobin and Perletta's recent works, Mirror Neurons explores the artists' interest in intersection between science and art, as well as the infinitely small and invisible.


In order to further develop the concept of distance/connectivity, visual artists XX+XY from Rome have been involved in the process.

They created a multi-dimensional, generative and ever-changing sound visualization through the use of quiet textures and subtle movements emphasizing the slowed sense of time of the work itself.

Thought to be performed live in a big space, the video aims to create an immersive environment and a unique occasion to reflect about the behaviour of our emotions and the importance of human interaction.


matter states img

Visual concept produced for the Cosmos [Leaf] by Murcof. Year of production 2008. GALLERY LIVE PERFORMANCE with MURCOF.